Con: Daniel Lascar

Simone Dipietro: Riprese, montaggo ed animazioni
Beatrice Surano: Riprese e montaggio
Marcello Bondioli: Art director
Luana Conti: Illustrazioni
Pablo Cappellato: Voice-over
Daniele Demarco: Musica e Sound design

High-quality educational offer
The Turin academic poles are the most prestigious in Italy: the Università degli Studi has up to 70.000 students (and 600 years of history); according to the Censis statistic the Politecnico is the best engineering University in Italy.
In 2008 Turin was the World Design Capital also thanks to its excellent Institutions such as IAAD and IED, specialised in fashion, communication, graphics and design product , without forgetting the city long tradition in Automotive.
Accademia Albertina and the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi are top ranking universities courses for music and art education.
In Torino there is an important Faculty for Psychology (Facoltà di Scienze Psicologiche) belonging to ( Pontifical University) Università Pontificia and also a school for linguistic mediator , which belongs to the Università degli studi Internazionali di Roma.
The Università di Scienze Gastronomiche (part of Slow Food)is located in Pollenzo(CN), in the heart of the famous Langhe Piemontesi.
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