SPLEEN - videoclip
Project-TO stems from an idea of Riccardo Mazza, sound experimenter and professor at the School for Alto Perfezionamento Musicale (Advanced Musical Studies) of Saluzzo, known in Italy and abroad for his research in the field of psychoacoustics and the evaluation of spatial sound, and Laura Pol photographer and video-maker, author of numerous works in the world of art, culture and museums.
It is an "authorial" project of electronic and visual music, it develops from the interaction of purely electronic elements with original compositions performed live together with visual elements also carried out in real time during the Live Set.
An evolving project that transforms the space in which it lives, generating unique Live performances each time.

Nicolò Roberto Roccatello

Simone Dipietro

Filippo Civera

Photogrammetry and vfx
Riccardo Akasha Franco-Loiri


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